4 Seducing Hacks of a Feminine Co-Worker, Every Married Men Just Can’t Escape

May 22, 2017 | 6226 Views

As women of today, making a big foray in this male dominated society is quite common these days. Gone are the days of old cliche about the boss and young secretary romance, as now many married men and women don’t hesitate to pursue an office fling. Where, salaried professionals spend approx 70% of their lives imprisoned in worker cells, there are a few employees as for them, office adultery is no big fuzz.

A recent survey of 4,000 workers was conducted in which 17% were found dating their coworker, and 30% of them approached for adultery-dinner, drinks, and hurried sexual-intercourse. In most of the cases, women are found to be the culprit in workplace romance by seducing a married man, she has a crush on.

Well, we’ve rounded up top four hacks that how most of the feminine co-worker seduces married men and every housewife has to look at:

An Irresistible Woman Brings Positivity to the Table

A seducing feminine understands that by creating a foundation of love, fun, and positive experiences will help her script a deeper emotional connect with a man she fancies for in a workplace fling. And, this is what married man craves for after years of marriage when romance and love seem to falls apart from their married life.


A Little Peek-A-Boo

As men are weak by nature, this fascinates clever women to get the heads turning. From wearing an extremely short skirt, exposing their thigh to alluring fancy top, they do every possible thing to attract men and still easily blame a guy for being a pervert. Without a second thought, skimpy clothes of a woman are bound to get attention from a man-little peek now and then, even if he doesn’t want to.

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Smile Is Enough

A woman’s smile has an uncanny ability to do something, which even the terrorists can’t do to strangle someone’s soul. Men are automatically attracted, drawn towards such women who seem happier, and has a killing smile on her face.

Unexpected Touches- the Final Assault

The Office Affair

Whether it’s an unexpected fingers touch or holding of hands while emphasizing a point, unexpected feminine touches are the power of every seducing woman to win over a married, she finds attracted towards.

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