Read All Sms Events Of Your Kids, Wife Or Employees !

  • Companies have crashed in stock markets over message leaks from an insider
  • Marriages have been shattered over a controversial text message.
  • Children have been preyed on by sexual predators by the means of messages.
  • Protect your near and dear ones with the help of sms spying. Know the contents of every message sent or received by someone close to you. Read the contents even if the user deletes it from his or her phone.
Stay Protected With Mobile Sms Spy

It is indeed a relaxing feeling when you know everyone or everything you care about is safe both personally and professionally! You can relax on your lazy chair with not a single thought disturbing the peace of your mind. Such calm can only be experienced when you are in total control of your surroundings. This is where our software can be immensely helpful. With our sms detection software you can find out what messages are being sent by the person you are suspecting and to whom it is being sent.


SMS Spying on Your Spouse

Doubts about your wife’s suspected infidelity can be extremely damaging for your relation. Such doubts often occupy much food for thought when your wife’s phone beeps every now and then and she avoids the topic who is she talking to. Not Imagine how strained will be your relation if you entertain such doubts!! To think that it might just be a friend and not a lover as you suspected and yet you strain your relationship with your wife is terrible. If you are facing suspicions that your wife is messaging her lover you can confirm it by spying on every message sent from her phone or received on her phone. If she is indeed guilty of sending out sexy seductive messages to her lover in your absence you can take necessary steps, else you can live happily knowing all is well.

Protect Your Children

With our pro software you can spy on text conversation happening between your kids and any potentially harmful recipient. So you don’t have to worry about your kids messaging drug dealers for a dangerous drug. Be ready to save your child whenever you find out about such an occurrence. You can even save your child from sexual predators, who operate over messages. Whenever, anything like that happens you can come to the forefront and intimate your child about the consequences of these actions.

Save your Company from Spies

News about information leakage is extremely popular in the corporate world. Your competitor might place their inside man as an employee in your company who will leak sensitive information. Suppose, you are bidding for a price sensitive but important project and your quote is disclosed to your competitor by an inside man. Now, their quote is lower than yours and they get the contract in place of you. With our software you can cut out such operational losses by following the conversations your employees are having with the outside world.Some employees may often do it without any malevolent intentions and innocuously discuss some deep secrets of your company with friends in some other company. The results may be disastrous for you and you need to stay up to date about such possibilities and take adequate actions


What Makes Spymaster Pro So Spectacular

With our sms tracking  software you are promised a world where no sensitive information can stay hidden from you. Irrespective of who is trying to hide it, you always have a way to know those deep rooted secrets. Whenever there is an imminent disaster you can jump in to protect your friends and family from it.

Ease of Installation

The biggest problem with effective software is the user interface is not friendly. This is not the case with our software as anyone can install it, even someone with limited technical knowledge. Once, you install it all the data from the target’s phone will be saved in a secure server from where you can access it at your best leisure.

Completely Undetectable

Another big issue with sms spying software is they are too easily visible by the target. Since, you will install it on someone’s phone whom you feel very affectionately about it might create a lot of misunderstandings between you if detected. But our software is completely untraceable once installed.


Our mobile sms spy software works on all major phone platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows. Image is captured and transferred the second it is sent or received thereby even upon deletion the record is there in the secured server.