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Cell spying is an activity that is increasingly assuming significance these days, given the rise in infidelity. As the owner of a Samsung Galaxy phone you will not find it difficult to conduct spying activities with the help of a software product installed in it, that is meant specifically to carry out this task. There is a cell spy product which you can buy, that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy phone and can be used for the purpose of tracking the activities of a target phone at any given time in the day. The features that come with this software product are many and are an important reason for the popularity of this product in the market.

Compatible Samsung Phones

All the Samsung smartphones comes with android software.Our software is fully compatible with all the android models OS. Some of the major models in which our software is fully compatible are Samsung Galaxy Note ,Galaxy S3,Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 ,galaxy beam,S3 Mini,Wave 3,Galaxy R,Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Core Prime, Galaxy A5 Duos, Galaxy Grand Prime, Galaxy Mega 2, Galaxy Avant and many many more.

Installation On Phone

The Samsung Galaxy software product is one that is characterized by an easy installation procedure and you will be certain not to incur difficulties at the time of installing this software in your phone. The installation process is one that transpires in a matter of a few seconds only.

Android Installation

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Cell Spy Software

Spymaster Pro

View All Call Details

Call activity is something which you can spy on with ease when you have a Samsung Galaxy tracking software product installed in your phone. You can get to view all the calls which have been made by the target phone as well as all the calls which have been received by the target phone.

Phone Book Access

You can track the address book of the target phone and find out about the kind of people that the user of the target phone has numbers of in the contact section of his phone.

Read Text Messages

Using the Samsung Galaxy cell spy software product you can view the various text messages which have been sent from the target phone and that too in full detail. You will get to read the conversations that have occurred through the phone via text message in detail and there will be no problems at all.

Track Samsung GPS Location

The GPS tracking feature of the cell spy software product makes it possible also for you to track the physical location of the target phone. As a result of this particular feature you will be able to tell where the user of the target phone happens to be.

Photo Tracking

Track All the pictures that are clicked from the targeted Samsung phone .All the Data will be sent to your control panel under pictures section so you can download the pictures in your Pc/laptop

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Spymaster pro (Pro version)

WhatsApp Tracking

Through the help of Spymaster pro You can read whole conversation threads of your teens or your cheating spouse. It will also track shared photos with their date and time.

Viber Tracking

Spymaster Pro Track viber chat logs, user call, send and recived photos with their date and time . It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Facebook Messenger Tracking

Spymaster Pro allow you to track all record Facebook chat conversations remotely with their exact time and date.

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Spy with Ease with Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone You can now take easy recourse to spying activities with the help of your Samsung Galaxy phone and find out what your near and dear ones are up to and whether your suspicions regarding their behavior is justified or not.