Gps Phone Tracking

Track Down The Geo Location Of The Spied Phone In Minutes!!GPS Phone Tracking

Knowing the exact location helps reveal all secrets !

  • Do not keep deliberating on whether your wife is meeting her lover every day.
  • Confirm suspicions on your wife’s mysterious movements by tracing her phone.
  • Find out if your child really went to the tuition they claimed to have gone to.
  • Stop believing your employees when they say they have gone out for some official work but have no results to show for it.
Tracking A Cell Phone

With the advent of newer technologies tracing the location of the cell phone was not as cryptic as it used to be. All you need to do is install our software in the target’s mobile and the data will be uploaded through secure server in real time. There are many other features including sms tracking ,phone book access that come up with our spymaster pro software.

Why Use Gps Tracking Software

Ever wondered exactly where your wife was after she returned home in another man’s car claiming to have met him in a nearby mall while returning home.Maybe your child’s constant deteriorating grade just does not make sense in spite of you affording the best of tuitions.


Probably, your company is continuing to sink in to losses in spite of your best efforts and you are baffled by such an outcome. Your options are extremely limited in such scenarios without knowing the entire truth.

This is where our software comes in extremely handy. You can track the locations of whomever you want by simply installing our software in their mobile phone. Thereby you will be able to know exactly where your child was when he claimed to have been in his tuitions or whether or not your wife was really shopping in the mall. You can also back track the movements of your employee to know the reason for such slack performance.

How to Use Spymaster Pro for tracking GPS Location
  • Start by registering for an account in our spymaster pro software. The software works on all major platforms like ios and android. Click on the buy tab and choose the features you will like your spying software to have and purchase a package accordingly.
  • Install the software after download is complete. Once, all legalities are complete user name and password will be mailed to you for a secure account. Link to download the software will also be sent along with the mail. Follow directions depending upon the platform you are using and run the program for installation.
  • Modify settings according to your convenience. Once, the software is installed it starts up in stealth mode. No icons appear in the target phone and do not even appear in the start up menu. To see the program, follow a key sequence which is also included in the mail. Then click on GPS tracking to activate it on the target’s phone.
  • In order to start viewing activities you need to log on to the secured server in our website. The account will be password protected and included in the mail sent by us. Once you log in, you will be redirected to the control panel and all locations of the target will be listed on the website. Check on the location at different times to get a detailed report.