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Spymaster Pro is the best illustration of newtechnology ! Find out what your workers didbehind your back.


A few months ago a friend of mine reported thathe has hired a new checker and inspector forhis new warehouse. It was Carlos, and judgingby the resume that was on file and that attitudethat was portrayed during the interview, itwas easy to say that Carlos was a gem and aperfect fit for the company. He hired Carloson the spot, and for the first few days he showedsigns of good working attitude. In fact onewill say that it was too good to be true

It’s Not Always Right When You Think It Is

Then my friend realized something- it wasjust too perfect for comfort .He then startedsensing something. You know that feeling whensomething is just isn’t right, you start gettingthat negative vibes when something bad is coming

He Started Keeping A Close Eye On Him

So one day he decided to inspect andsnoop around. It all started with the smallthings that you thought was just okay foran employee. A friend of mine noticed afew things like;

  • Instead of working, he was actuallysurfing the web and updating his Facebook.comprofile
  • During lunch hours, it was noticed thatCarlos tends to extend his break
  • Work quality slowly becomes to suffer.
The Turning Point

My friend didn’t stop and said that MUCHWORSE did happen. One time, he noticed thatCarlos was on the phone during odd hours whichwas supposed to be spent checking the inventories.Sensing something was wrong, my friend decidedto listen to the conversations which was notethical of course but brought him a number ofrealizations.

He then realized that Carloswas working behind his back! He actually slippedone of his clients and finalized a deal withhim at cheaper price .so at that point my friendbearded a loss of $8K
Carlos was fired onthe spot and he didn’t came up after thatbut after the incident my friend learnt someimportant lessons of life .

Some People Cannot Be Trusted
  • If some negative feeling starts arousingbetween you and your partner, e.g. if youthink you spouse is cheating on you thenprobably that is the time to take an action.
  • If you think you are some doubt on youremployee then probably you are right, don’tignore that doubt.
  • If you think that your child is hidingsome secrets then you being a parent youare absolutely right

This is the challenge for you. If you canno longer trust another person and you wantto be sure, then that’s the time that youhave to take action.One good action that youcan take is to tap into a new technology calledSpymaster Pro. Consider this as a tool thatcan help you get the real deal about the person.Spymaster Pro is a technology that will onlygive you the facts;

  • Now you can make sure if your partneris cheating on you or not .
  • Or If your employee is making any backroomdeals .
  • Or What your child is doing with hisfriends when he goes out of the home .

There’s a good reason why people spendmost of their time using their phone. With newtechnologies and tools that are coming up likenetworking with other people using Twitter,These social websites are goodway to get connected with you near and dearones but only if its used in a right way. Youonly need to pay attention to how they act whenusing their phones.

  • Do they spend long hours on the phone?
  • Are you now concerned with the phonebill due to excessive use?
  • Do they spend long hours on the phone?
  • The above questions are simply legitimateand you need to find the answers for themtoo as fast as you can .So now there areactually 2 ways to know the real truth
The Hard Way

Initially you will think of hiring aprivate detective .This is obviously toughas you need to share all your personal experienceswith a person that you don’t even know

Two major drawbacks hiring a privateeye is
  • They burn a hole in your pocketcharging you big bucks
  • Whatever information they pass onyou have to rely on it as you don’thave other option
The Easy Way

The easier and best way is to get SpymasterPro cell phone spy and allow it to be your private detective.
There are three major features about SpymasterPro that it easily rules over hiring a privatedetective

  • You don’t have to pay big bucks anddisclose your personal information to anystranger
  • Spymaster Pro never sleep so wheneverthere is come activity happening in thephone you will immediately come to know
  • You can have legitimate proof to confrontthe person to take right action


Most Important Question !
A question must be arousing in your mindnow What If I get caught ?

That’s an appropriate question. SpymasterPro has fixed all the challenges that preventyou from being the caught You will have absolutelyno problem in installing the software as ittakes couple of minutes, once installed thesoftware runs 100% in hidden mode. No one willever come to know if any kind of cell phone spy softwareis installed in their phone


Spymaster Pro comes with variety of features


Call tracking

Check the calls that your child, employeeor your spouse have made or from which numbersthey have received the calls, moreover youcan also see numbers of dialed or receivedcalls from each number at any particulardate range. You can also check durationof each call and person’s name in thereport if that cell number is saved in userphone book memory.

Sms Tracking

Keep a track on sms’s that are beingsend/received .All the messages are storedin spymaster Pro account so no matter Ifthe persons has the habit of deleting thesms’s you will still have the record tothose messages in your account

GPS Location Tracking

Now with the help of Google maps youcan track exact location of the phone .Justlogin to the account and check if you childis studying in library or partying withhis friends .All the information are sentthe server in real time.

Phone Book Access

With Spymaster Pro you can check whichnumbers are being stored in his phone book

Url Tracking

All the Websites that user visits arealso recorded with our Spymaster Pro Software.Every detail of the URL is stored in SpymasterPro account.

Photo Tracking

Spymaster Pro keeps a track on the photosthat are being sent/received on the phone.Every photo detail is stored In SpymasterPro account

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Spymaster Pro !   ( With additionalFeatures )

Whats App Tracking

Through the help of Spymaster Pro Youcan read whole conversation threads of yourteens or your cheating spouse. It will alsotrack shared photos and videos with theirdate and time.


Viber Tracking

Spymaster Pro Track viber chat logs,user call, send and recived photos withtheir date and time . Its is compatibleiPhone, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone.


Call listening

With Spymaster Pro (pro feature) youcan listen to live calls in real time .Listento calls and record them for solid proof

Surround listening

Now imagine if your spouse is talkingto someone in restaurant or your employeeis sharing some secrets of your companywith some X person. Now with Spymaster Prosurround listening features all the communicationsare recorded when 2 or more persons aretalking to each other at any place .Allthe recording are then uploaded to SpymasterPro account

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Spy From Any Pc/Laptop Around The World

You can spy from any Computerall around the world .View the targetedcell phone information in your spymasterpro account. You will receive allin the details in your account inreal time .

How Does Spymaster Pro Work!

Spymaster Pro is now technicallymost recognized software that recordsall the activities of the targetedphone and sends it to SpymasterPro server where you can accessall the information that Is happeninginto the targeted phone

You just need to install thesoftware into the targeted phone.Installation is easy and takesless than 30 seconds to install.You can then view all the informationsitting anywhere in the world

    • Spymaster pro is undetectable.
    • Spymaster Pro is completelyundetectable.Once installedinto targeted phone no onecan detect or trace thesoftware in the phone .
    • What phone models doesspymaster pro supports.
    • Spymaster Pro works with 99%of the smart phones includingblackberry phones too .
For Whom Is Spymaster Pro ?
  • Ifyou have any doubt on your partnerthen Spymaster Pro is for you
  • Ifyou think your employee is leakingsome secret office informationthen Spymaster Pro is for you
  • Ifyou need to know every activityof your child when he is outof home then Spymaster Pro isfor you
  • SpymasterPro can be for for anyone whojust wants to know some factsor clear some doubts .so ifyou really want to know whatexactly is going on Then youneed Spymaster Pro
Steps To Spy
  • Purchase the software versionyou like (basic or pro)
  • Login to members lounge
  • Install the software intotargeted phone
  • Start spying !

PS: We are Giving you30 days money back gurantee so atany point you are not satisfiedwith the product we will give you100% refund without asking you anyfurther questions