Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 2

Subject-verb agreement exercises for class 2 are essential in helping young learners develop their skills in grammar and language. With the right exercises, students can learn how to correctly use singular and plural verbs with corresponding subjects, and avoid common grammatical errors.

Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises for class 2 to help improve your students’ grammar.

1. Identify singular and plural subjects

In this exercise, students need to identify whether the sentence contains a singular or plural subject. After identifying the subject, they should choose the correct verb form:


– The cat (singular) ___ (is/are) sleeping.

– The dogs (plural) ___ (is/are) barking.

– The bird (singular) ___ (has/have) wings.

– The flowers (plural) ___ (smells/smell) nice.

2. Fill in the blanks

This exercise requires students to fill in the blanks with the correct verb form according to the subject of the sentence:


– The boy ___ (play/plays) with his toys.

– The girls ___ (jump/jumps) rope in the playground.

– The book ___ (has/have) a torn cover.

– The toy cars ___ (is/are) in the box.

3. Circle the correct verb form

In this exercise, students need to circle the correct verb form according to the subject of the sentence:


– The girl (is/are) playing with her dollhouse.

– The flowers (smells/smell) sweet.

– The boy (has/have) a new bike.

– The puppies (wags/wag) their tails.

4. Rewrite the sentence

This exercise involves rewriting the sentence using the correct subject-verb agreement:


– Incorrect sentence: The bird is fly.

– Correct sentence: The bird is flying.

– Incorrect sentence: The dogs barks at the mailman.

– Correct sentence: The dogs bark at the mailman.

– Incorrect sentence: The book have pictures.

– Correct sentence: The book has pictures.

– Incorrect sentence: The cars is fast.

– Correct sentence: The cars are fast.

By incorporating these exercises into your class 2 curriculum, your students can develop good habits in grammar and become more confident in their writing. Remember that consistent practice and reinforcement can go a long way in helping your students master subject-verb agreement.

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