Agreement Was Struck

When it comes to writing news or reporting about business deals, it`s common to come across the phrase “agreement was struck” or “a deal was struck.” While these expressions are widely used, they can be bland and uninformative for readers, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

As a professional, it`s essential to know that these phrases are not the best choice to use in a news article. Instead, using more descriptive and informative language can help to increase readership and improve search engine rankings.

What does “agreement was struck” mean?

“Agreement was struck” means that two parties have reached an agreement or made a deal. It could be a business deal, a trade agreement, or a political agreement. However, the term is too general and doesn`t provide enough detail or context for readers.

Here are some reasons to avoid “agreement was struck”:

1. It doesn`t provide enough information about the agreement.

2. It`s not descriptive enough, making it challenging to understand what the agreement entails.

3. It doesn`t add any value to the copy, and it`s too overused.

4. It`s not good for SEO as it`s not specific enough to rank the article in search engines.

Alternatives to “agreement was struck”:

When writing about agreements, deals, and other negotiations, it`s necessary to provide as much information as possible to the readers. Using more descriptive language can help to clarify the agreement effectively. Some alternatives to “agreement was struck” include:

1. “Both parties reached an agreement”: This alternative is more specific and provides additional information about the agreement.

2. “An agreement was reached after weeks of negotiations”: This option adds more context to the story and adds a narrative to the agreement.

3. “The two parties agreed on the terms of the deal”: This alternative is more specific and provides more details about the deal`s nature.

4. “A breakthrough was made in the negotiations, and an agreement was reached”: This alternative highlights the difficulty of the negotiations and adds more excitement to the story.


In summary, as a professional, it`s essential to avoid using generic phrases such as “agreement was struck.” Instead, use more descriptive language that adds value to the copy and provides readers with more information. This approach can help to improve the article`s search engine ranking and increase readership, making it a win-win situation.