Worried About Your Child’s Unknown Reality?

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Parents of teens often think of several ways to discover the qualms and doubts about their kids awkward behaviour. Adolescence is such a phase of life when children are persuaded and influenced by their companions and the possibility of indulging into bad deeds like urge of drugs, being a party animal, obsession of watching inept websites etc. usually gets higher on rate.

Now, the question is how can the parents keep tabs on their children’s activities? Welljggh, it is very simple to safeguard your children from all the beastly and unpleasant situations. So, relax yourself from all the mind wavering thoughts and keep on reading to know the solution to your problems.

# An Apparatus For Child Monitoring:

We all very well know about the fact that – one of the most important things in a teenager’s life is their cell phone as it’s a medium to get linked to their friends, games, music, videos and internet. And hence for parent’s it acts as a cannon – Because when you install a cell phone spy software you get an access to all the activities that are taking place in your son’s cell phone through the text messages, phone calls and many more.

# Let’s Take A Look On What All Can Be Monitored Via A Cell Phone Spy App:

With the help of a monitoring software you can know the unknown reality of your children. All you’re required to do is to purchase the software from its official website then download the compatible version on his/her cell phone. After downloading; secretly install the software onto your child’s smartphone which will take just couple of minutes. And thereafter it will fetch you all the information required by you to your online account’s control panel. Just login with the username and password provided to you in the mail to check the logs of the phones data.

unknown reality

Even the deleted data from the target’s cell phone will be uploaded to the server and can be viewed by you anytime and anywhere provided you have an internet access.

Below Aspects Can Be Checked With The Aid Of A Spy Software –

  • Text messages And Emails

  • All the incoming and outgoing and even the deleted mails and texts can be read/viewed.

  • IM (Instant Messenger Chats)

  • Conversations made through WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook can all be tracked easily.

  • GPS location tracking

  • Get to know the whereabouts of your loved ones with the help of a GPS Location tracking feature.

  • Web history

  • You can visit the URL’s that your target user has visited.

  • Phonebook Contacts

  • Have the knowledge of all the contacts and additional information stored on his/her cell phone.

  • Phone calls

  • View the logs of the calls made and received on his/her mobile phone and also you can record the calls for later reference.

  • Multimedia Gallery

  • View the images/pictures, videos and audios stored or shared via instant messenger apps etc.

    # Bottom-Line

    The best part of using these apps is that you remain in hidden mode while gathering all the information through your kid’s cell phone. As the presence of app in a cell phone is not detectable by your target user. The software is available in two different subscription packs – Basic and Pro.

    Now just hang-loose and calm down! Let your lovely children enjoy their teenage under your secret care and guidance!

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