Here’s Sneak Peak to Upcoming Whatsapp New Feature! Find Out what’s it!

February 10, 2018 | 5472 Views

Since the advent of Whatsapp, Android Beta Version had seen numerous features. Recently, Whatsapp made an announcement stating that it has an approximate 1.5 million active users worldwide and among them, 200 million active users are from India only. Initially, when Whatsapp was launched, users could only send/receive messages, but during recent times, Whatsapp has made n number of advancements in its software. Looking forward, this time also the application is set to come up with a new and amazing feature to keep up the excitement among users.

According to an information, Whatsapp users across the globe could soon be able to do a group call or more than one call on their Whatsapp. However, it’s yet to be confirmed whether the feature will be available for video or voice call on WhatsApp. Also, it’s not confirmed when the feature would be made available on the steady version of the Whatsapp application. No matter group call feature comes today or some days after, Whatsapp is already satisfying its customers with its text messaging feature.


Isn’t it an amazing innovation for us? Although, Whatsapp messaging feature is doing good to its users, but somewhere people are misusing the app to cheat on their loved ones.

So, do you feel the same about someone that he/she might be cheating on you using Whatsapp platform? Well, that can be the case, but before coming to any conclusion, it’s important to bring out the truth. But, how would you do that? Do have any solution in your mind? No? Well, we have one for you and it’s none other than Spymaster Pro for Whatsapp!

whatsapp video call

Spymaster Pro is nothing but an application that you can install in any Android/iPhone to check their Whatsapp or any other phone feature such as Text Messages, GPS location, Call Logs, Contact Lists, Emails, IM Chats such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. multimedia files store in phone such as images, videos, etc.

Also, if you just want to monitor someone’s Whatsapp messages, then the software will not only help you read entire Whatsapp Chats of the target user’s phone , but at the same time, you will get to view the chats were deleted by a user.

Isn’t that amazing? The software is designed keeping in mind user’s phone monitoring needs. So, if you are willing to check on someone’s Whatsapp account, use Spymaster Pro. Also, keep reading our next blog to know how Whatsapp Group call feature will work.