3 Best ways to Track Someone social chats

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With the advancement of technology, different social networking sites have emerged. A lot of information is passed through these social networks thereby enhancing communication for business, social, and even crime. People can use social media apps to perpetuate both good and evil acts. However, it is possible to track someone’s activities from your mobile device, tablet, or PC via a Mobile Monitoring App. With the app installed on the target’s phone, you’ll be able to have access to their call logs, messages, browsing history, chats, etc.

Why do you need to track Someone’s social chats?

There are various reasons why people need to track someone’s social networks. Some of them are:

  • To Monitor their Children

Today, children have access to smartphones at quite a young age. As a result, they can become a victim of cyberbullies or use their mobile devices to view inappropriate content. Tracking your children’s social chats will give you the means to monitor the kind of websites they visit, the type of friends they have, the people they keep in touch with, and who they interact with on different social media apps. It also allows you to track someone’s social media activity.

  • Background Check and Activities of Employees

Business owners are to an extent liable for the actions and behaviors of their employees. This is why some employers also like to do a background check on their potential or current employees. They don’t want to risk it by assuming their employees are responsible, because it could backfire. With a phone tracker, you can monitor the time of arrival of their staff and what time they leave.  You can also monitor the websites your employees check to ensure that they are involved in any illegal activities that could cause harm to you or your company’s reputation.

  • To Ascertain the Spouse’s Loyalty

People who are suspicious of their partners also find it useful to track their spouse’s social chats. They make use of applications like Facebook messenger tracker to find out who their partner is texting or whatever suspicious activities they are secretly engaged in.

Top 3 Software that can help to monitor someone’s social chats

Spymaster Pro Rating:


Spymaster Pro is a unique Mobile Monitoring Software with monitoring features that allow you to have access to your target’s call and text logs, and spy on social media chats 24/7. What distinguishes Spymaster Pro from the others is that there is no need for installation if the target phone is an iPhone, and there is also no jailbreak solution.

Spy on social chats with spymaster Pro

All you have to do is provide the target phone’s Apple ID credentials when it is required and you can start monitoring the person’s activities anytime and anywhere. On the other hand, if it is an Android device, you will have to install the app on the target phone to carry out social media monitoring.

Mspy rating:


mSpy is an application designed to track a target person’s smartphone, PC/Mac, or tablet.  Once you download and install it, you will be able to monitor the person’s social chats, call logs, text messages, GPS location, browsing history, emails, and multimedia.


This WhatsApp chats tracker is one of the most popular parental control applications that parents can make use of to monitor their children’s text messages, current GPS location, phone calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. It allows parents and guardians to check their children’s online activities to protect them from becoming victims of cyber crimes or harassment. It does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone.

Spyzie Rating:


Like other smartphone monitoring apps, you have to install Spyzie on the target device. Then you can now set up the app on the target device and have access to all the information you need information such as call logs, social chats, text messages, WhatsApp chats, etc.


No need to employ the services of a detective. These are the 3 best ways you can track someone’s social chats. These apps are easy to install and are quite affordable. Get any of these monitoring apps and you won’t have to be worried about what your children are doing or be unsure that your spouse is cheating. All you need do is check the application’s dashboard and monitor the target’s activities and you are good to go.

For iPhone Procedure Guide Click Here.

To install Spymaster on an Android phone, go through the following installation guide.

Step 1

In the mobile phone menu, go to the option “Settings”. Then in the menu, go to the “safe” option, and click “Unknown sources”. Do not forget to enable the “Unknown sources” as shown below, otherwise, the software will not be installed correctly.

Step 2

Now open the Android phone’s web browser and enter the target http://imobispy.com/android/spy/sm.apk and click Go.

Step 3

The application will start downloading. You can check the download progress by pulling on the notification bar of the target device.

Step 4

After the download is complete. Click sm.apk pulling down the notification center of the target device.

Step 5

After that, you will see demand for permission Process System, click Next.

Step 6

You will see another application for the authorization process system, click Next

Step 7

After that, click Install to start the installation process.

Step 8

Wait until the Spymaster Pro must be installed.

Step 9

Tap the open after the application is installed

Step 10

Press Continue to complete the installation.

Step 11

Tap Accept to accept the terms and conditions of use of the software.

Step 12

Now it will show you two options. Either you want to display the icon or hide the icon. If you want to hide the Spymaster Pro icon clicking on the icon is useless. I do not need it.

Step 13

Click Turn to the on Systemprocess to turn it On.

Once this is done, click the Back option from your phone and it will take you to the registration code screen.

Step 14

After that, enter the registration code which will be available in your control panel.

Registration Code :

Once installation is done, you can leave the target phone and log in to your spymaster account from any device. Now there is no need to touch the target phone. See everything remotely.

Click here to log in Login Here

For iPhone Installation Process Click Here.

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