Teenages caught with drugs and Guns-SpyMaster Pro was needed

April 5, 2016 | 5795 Views

Recently, a middletown’s news has startled thousand parents. Three teenagers of the town, aged 19, 17 and 16 years, were caught with drugs and gun. They were charged for this immoral activity. Further investigation was conducted by the deal officers and it was really very shocking. They revealed that the teenagers were carrying airsoft pistol, marijuana and drug paraphernalia with them. As a result, the teens were charged for keeping dangerous drugs and guns with him. If these teens were properly monitored by their parents using Spymaster Pro, then this would have never happened. The parents could have stop them if they observed any such conversation between the teens before the incident. Read the full story here.


This news is not a single one that has dismayed you as a parent, there are many others linked with teens. If you do not want that your child ever get caught by such news or incident, you need to be very careful for your teen. For this, you can monitor their regular activities secretly. The question may be in your mind-

Is it right to monitor your kid’s phone?

When children start developing into teens, parents need to be very concerned about their activities and their regular schedule. But opposite to this obligation, it has been noticed that most parents stop looking after their kids at this stage. Parents feel their kids are grown enough to take care of themselves or sometimes they stop because their children don’t want them to accompany them.


When we leave home, we meet the outer world consists of different people belong to different societies with different cultures and values. ?Our kids can meet any of them. Do we know everyone? Can we follow our child every time during school, college or tuitions? Of course not. Who knows with whom your child is sitting and what is s/he doing?

How to protect them on phone?

Monitoring kid’s activities is very accessible and simple using child monitoring software. This software allows you to keep a close eye on your kid’s phone at the comfort of your home. You need not to snoop around them. Just get this software and stay relaxed. This software helps you with its exclusive features. Some are shown below:

See text messages: You can view all the received or sent messages of your kids even if they are deleted. You can see what they talk with others. Whether they know them or not. This situation would have been avoided by Keyword filtering feature of spymaster pro easily as this feature allow you to add risky words like drugs,sex,smoking in the messages and list you all the messages which includes these words.

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View all the chats: Get to know with whom your teen is chatting. What kind of content s/he is sharing and much more. Track your teen’s whatsapp chats, facebook messages and even viber. You can investigate if they are planning to do something wrong and can stop them.

GPS location tracking: This is the best feature of the child monitoring software. It gives you the exact location of your kid. Check whether they are roaming where they have to or not? Further, you can Geofence your kid’s phone to limit their movement.

There are numerous other features to help you like Photo viewer, contacts list crawler, website history tracker etc etc. Get this software today and safeguard your child.