Some Hidden Truths About Snapchat Every Parent Should Know!

December 6, 2017 | 6902 Views

In today’s digital era, younger generation quickly adapt themselves to the latest technology and that too without realizing whether these technologies are safe for them to use or not. Let’s take an instance of Snapchat application.

It is one of the enormous used apps among teens. One can not only send text using this app, but at the same, can easily send photos and videos. And the best part is that, Snapchat makes “Snaps” (videos, photos, texts) available for shorter time i.e. it can be live for 1 to 10 seconds that too depending upon the user.

Why Snapchat is Unsafe for Teenagers?

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At first, Snapchat may seem to be harmless to teens, but it is observed that this app is the mainly misused for sending sexually unequivocal content. For instance, it’s nothing new that girls always look for ways to astonish their boyfriends and sometimes in that matter they share some private pictures via such mediums without thinking that their pictures can be easily copied as screenshot.

Here’s a list of reasons to why Snapchat is not an appropriate app for your teen:

  • Safety Concerns: For all those who have the misconception in mind that social media apps are safe to use and everything posted is kept private, then it’s absolutely wrong. First of all, Snapchat doesn’t save videos, images, and text for later. So, when content is made available to a recipient, they can easily take a Snapshot of a photo posted by other person on Snapchat before it disappears.
  • Sexting: Some teens also think that Snapchat is the safest place to share content, as everything shared gets disappeared in some time. So, considering low risk of being tracked, they usually misuse the app by sharing inappropriate content or for sexting. In last few years, some have even landed into legal trouble for spreading photos over other mediums. So, before using this app, one should be aware of all possible consequences.
  • Cyber Bullying: Snapchat is commonly used by intruders for cyber bullying. Some youngsters target their victims by sending messages to their victims, as they know that everything will disappear quickly. In such cases, it becomes impossible to intervene the case of cyber bullying. So, it’s vital to assure that your child shares appropriate content over Snapchat and don’t communicate with strangers.

What Should Parents Do?

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First and foremost, parents should either keep an eye on their kid’s phone activities or don’t allow them to use the app. Well, finding it impossible to do that? Then, what else can be done? How about using a reliable spying app like Spymaster Pro?

Fortunately, Spymaster Pro, an eminent spying app can help you control the flow of Snapchat data from your child’s phone. It will provide you each and every update of content being sent along with date and time.

How to Install Snapchat in Your Child’s Android/iPhone:

Well, here’re some of the instructions, you as a parent need to follow when installing in your child’s Android Phone:

  • Go to Spymaster Pro website and click on “Buy Now” and purchase the software
  • Download and install the software in your child’s phone that will hardly take around 5 minutes
  • Once it is installed, sit back and monitor every Snapchat activity from your child’s phone and that too remotely
  • Kindly Note: In case of iPhone, no installation or Jailbreak is required, instead only iPhone credentials are enough.

Apart from that, you can also track other phone data as well that includes IM Chats, emails, web browsing history, call logs, phonebook, etc.


Snapchat is a fun app if it is smartly used. And to assure that your child make appropriate use of it, you can play safe via Spymaster Pro. So, use this app and keep your child safe from falling into any trap.