Reasons to Root Your Android Phone Before Installing Spymaster Pro

February 2, 2016 | 9391 Views

Spy softwares work perfectly on both rooted and non – rooted Android phones. But, still some of the spy softwares require phone rooting. But, why do they demand rooting? Let’s find out the difference between the two functionalities- spy without rooting and spy with rooting.

Analyze all of the following reasons of rooting and then decide whether rooting is appropriate for you or not.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process that authorizes Android users to gain control over the subsystems of Android. You can root your Android phone, USB cable, and PC.

Reasons for rooting

Every operating system puts some constraints on its users, thus not providing them full control over the device. For example, if you want to install third parties app in your phone, its OS settings will stop you from doing such activity, but if you still wish to install it, use rooting.

Rooting and spy software

Android operating system also puts some limitations in its settings and applications. User does not have authorities to alter any settings but after rooting, a user can customize these settings. You can run the applications that were restricted before. Now, it does not require permissions from administrator. You can access more than what you could access as a normal Android user.

Rooting and spy software

As a parent or employee or anyone else, you may sometimes need to put some spy software in your kid’s phone for safety or in your employees’ phone for surveillance. What if, your daughter may be in danger and not sharing anything with you? In that case, what will you do? Will you just let her alone on the way she is going? Of course, you won’t. Instead, you will try to track her directly or indirectly. Direct talk may not work sometimes, so, you need to use a hidden technique to look into your child CellPhone.

One way out is to use child monitoring software, which will never disclose its presence until you tell it to target person yourself. You can also easily track your spouse or employee using spy software. Just install this software into their phones and start observing their activities secretly. You can catch every activity of their phone remotely. Without rooting, you can access their text messages, call logs, Snapchat Messages, Instagram Messages, Phonebook, photos, GPS location, etc. But, what if you want to view Whatsapp chats of the target phone?

For any advanced tracking, you have to root their Android phone. Rooting takes hardly 10-15 minutes, but once the target phone gets rooted, you can easily view all the Facebook messages, Chrome history, Snapchat Messages, Instagram Messages and many other advanced features of Spymaster Pro.

Rooting Android phone

Rooting Android phone is really simple and very rapid process which doesn’t require you to be very technical or intelligent.


Rooting is very necessary when it is about your business security or your child safety. Spymaster Pro offers attractive features that can be used with or without rooting. So, it is upto you, whether to root the Android phone of the target user or not. Get this spy app installed on the target phone and stay relaxed.