Let’s Join Hands with Google to Abstain Our Teens from Surfing Offensive Content

May 5, 2017 | 9840 Views

Over the past few years, Google is focusing on enhancing the worth of its search results. According to many tech magazines, Google has made a massive breakthrough by incorporating a tool to its search algorithm in a quest to flag inappropriate content. With this update, content promoting racial slurs based on caste, creed, place of birth, or religion will be flagged under the classification “upsetting offensive.”

Not only this, Google has directed its content reviewing department to flag all offensive web results from the perspective of the users in your geographical location, and the same goes if that search result satisfies a user’s intent.

Now, the Time Has Come for You to Step into the Shoes of Warrior of the Society

Yes, Google, an American multinational technology company is doing their bit for the betterment of the society, the youth- the power to change the world, but without the efforts of you all these are far from its objectives. Out of the seven million inhabitants of this planet, 1.8 million are aged between 10 to 24 years, this what a statistics on world population reported in 2011. And, above all, 90% of them are living in developing and developed nations.

Save Your Daughter/Son from Online Sex Traffickers

internet addiction

This generation, therefore, has the uncapped access to the internet and are interconnected over several social media communication channels. Since we live in a world faced with massive social challenges, there is a call of duty for the parents to a tap on their teen social activities without getting in the way of their moral right to freedom and expression.

Let’s Join Hands with Google- Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a name that stands second to none in the race of pioneering spy software. Spymaster Pro, the guardians of this planet presents mums and dads to power to monitor the social activities of their young. Right from WhatsApp interactions to Facebook conversation threads surveillance, you can prevent your open-minded young from falling into the hands of anti-social elements.

Is There Any A headache Associated with This Software?

A big “No” for your above potential query. As it is an effortless and undemanding assignment to keep a tap on your young with this monitoring app.