How iPad Monitoring App Can Help You to Keep Your Children Safe?

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Spymaster Pro is software which when installed in your iPad helps in secret surveillance of all the data interchange done through the tablet. It is immensely useful in keeping a constant check on the digital activities of your child.

All you have to do to setup monitoring is setup the software in your child’s iPad as soon as you buy it for him/her. Try to set it up even before you hand the tablet over to your children as they may set up a password lock afterward.

Spymaster pro is completely undetectable and your child will have no idea of the fact that he/she is under constant observation. The software is extremely efficient and will help you ensure that your children do not land themselves in any trouble. Serious consequences like grave injuries and death may also be averted.

Track Your Children iPad With Spymaster Pro Features

A) Know your Child’s Location at Any Time

With the help of the GPS tracker you know exactly where your child is at any given point of time. If your children are doing something dangerous behind your back it is likely that they will not receive your call at that time. When such a situation arises you can simply logon to the remote server and see exactly where your child is.

Also, follow messages exchanged by your child over the last 48 hours to find out who they are meeting at that moment. Access their phone book to find out the name of the person they are supposed to meet and call on their cell to ensure your child is safe. You can also use other features of the software like message tracker to find out about your child’s plans as soon as they make it.

B) Scrutinize the Pictures they are Taking

Scrutinize-the-Pictures-they-are-TakingPictures express a thousand words. iPad has an extremely easy camera interface and combined with the fact that the camera is as powerful as 5.0 Mega Pixel rear camera, it is widely used by teenagers. So just by keeping a constant vigil on the pictures, they are taking you can get to know a lot about their habits and the type of people they are mixing with. Especially, if you are the parent of a girl child then you can come to know if she is getting mixed up with any troublesome boys or not.

C) Review the Surfing Habits of Your Child


iPad has made surfing through laptops anachronous. Since most of your children surfing activities will be through the iPad only with Spymaster Pro’s URL tracking you can get to know exactly what kind of information they are trying to find out on the internet. This will give you a clear indication about the habits they are developing.

D) Listen to Conversation between Your Children and their Friends

Listen Conversation between your children and their friendsWith the environment listening feature of Spymaster you can listen to face to face conversations that your children are having with their friends. This enables you to react as soon as you get to hear of a situation taking a u-turn or you feel your child’s safety is threatened in any way.