Protect Your Children Through Spymaster Pro

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Nowadays your child is exposed to attacks from so many malicious people over the internet. Illegal MMS or content and spam are extremely common. Your child may fall prey to sexting. Cyberbullying is also prevalent. Cybercriminals might get in touch with your children trapping them and asking them for dangerous favors.

As a parent, your basic instinct will be to provide as much protection as possible to your children. But nowadays most children do not like discussing their private life with their parents. This is the corundum you will face as a parent that though you want to safeguard your child at every step it might not be possible to monitor his/her every step. How can you start with your efforts to protect your child if the child does not want to be protected!! This is exactly why Spymaster Pro has come into vogue.

With such rapidly developing technology, your child is always a few minutes away from suffering irreparable damage. Irreparable because once something is uploaded on the internet deleting it is of extreme difficulty. Therefore preventive measures are imperative.

For constant surveillance of your child, you can use Spymaster Pro. Install the software in your child’s phone and then find out exactly what kind of activities he is getting involved with.

Features of Spymaster Pro

With Spymaster basic you can enjoy features like call tracking, SMS spy, phonebook access, picture tracking, and URL tracking while the Pro version further adds call listening and environment listening to the array of features.

Call Tracking – Know exactly who your child has been in touch with of late. Do necessary research about their background and if found unsatisfactory a closer check keep your child on a tight leash.

SMS Spying – Children prefer messages to calls nowadays. Most of the interactions of your child with his mates can be tracked by simply tracking his text message. Your child is most likely to delete the message he/she wants to hide from you immediately after receipt. However, Spymaster Pro is extremely fast and the message is recorded in the remote server immediately on receipt and the subsequent deletion does not affect the record.

URL Tracking – By tracking the URL your child is visiting you can gather a proper understanding of your child’s interests.

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