Snapping A Selfie: A Trend Or A Threat?

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Selfies– A short-form for Self Portrait photographs. Selfies have created an upsurge in the world of new media, Social Networking Sites. Every second person has started posting their self pictures on social media. The latter is the most famous and latest genre of the photo as people, especially youngster, finds it amusing and lively to take their own picture the way they want. Moreover, you need not have to depend on anyone for clicking your picture.

Selfie may insinuate for easy-going life and inoffensive in the first place but this may give birth to many serious issues. As teens post their selfies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or set it as their DP (Display Picture), they keenly wait for appreciative comments on those pics. The poor comment takes them into depression. These kinds of kids sometimes cross their limits to take a flawless picture of their own.

What Do Expert Says About Selfie?

The expertise and psychoanalyst disregard the latest trend called ‘Selfie’. They believe this fashion has demolished the psychic of a kid. They go beyond their extent to take a perfect picture of themselves. Teens, nowadays, concentrate more on flashing their pictures no matter wherever they are! Whether they are in a party, examination hall or maybe trekking somewhere or attending someone’s funeral, their minds and souls fixate on the perfect moment for taking a self-portrait image.luring-circle

This is famous among young celebrities also. They too prefer capturing selfies of their off-camera moments. This encourages the gene to congregate themselves in interactive media. The problem isn’t about posting their self clicked pictures but is about how lewdly they project themselves online  in the avarice of acquiring more likes and comments.

This made the renowned psychotherapists say that the recent tone and fad of snapping your own picture ‘by-yourself’ will lead the teens in a defenseless and sensitive situation.

About Parenting!

36% of the total majority of the youngsters snap and post their flattery, funny or seductive selfies on social networking sites, among which 10% of them regret for doing the same. Actually they do this either to collect more compliments or to lure their circle.


Parents are required to be more vigilant and watchful for their younger ones little steps. According to the recent survey, over 1 mn. selfies are taken on daily basis. As a consequence, selfies can drive your kids to bump into the cobweb of cases like cyber-bullying and threatening. If you approach them as parents, you will never come out with any remedy rather you can reach your kids as their peers and guide them about how to undertake themselves socially.

Else you can take the assistance of any of the kids monitoring software available online. The monitoring software will let you know about their phone activities. To stop your kids from both getting wrongful comments on their picture and from getting abused, you need to monitor them remotely. Teach them that this isn’t a right way to make themselves popularise.

Let them know that this will lead them to meddlesome situation!