How Would I Know With Whom My Daughter Is Dating?

September 18, 2014 | 5413 Views

5 among 8 teenage girls is suffering or have suffered violence/harm from their dating partners. They are teens and innocent enough to get mesmerized in the stories narrated by those cheaters who trap girls online. Like a fish, these little girls get cobwebbed in the net of these pedophiles and deceivers. Your daughter feel reluctant to share it with you, so you need to track with whom your beloved daughter is dating with currently.

How Would You Know Whom Your Daughter Is Dating Currently?

The definition of ‘Dating’ has been changed in recent times. It is not merely limited to meeting your new love interest. Meeting with each other and Breaking up of a relationship goes hand in hand! Especially with teenagers, you never know, when they fall for each other and when they call off their relationship. Now the question is how would you know with whom your teenage daughter is dating with? Whether he is a right guy for her or not? Is your daughter safe while dating with him?

The remedy to these above mentioned utter confusions is the new techy tool – Smartphone.  

How Can Smartphone Be A Helpful Instrument?

Today, smartphone has became the ‘blue star’ of anybody’s life. Especially teenager, nowadays, use smartphone to communicate with each other employing internet on it. This plays a pivotal role in their lives as it act like an ‘entertainment hub’ for them. This is because it establishes all the amusement zones to them viz. dating websites, social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, etc. It helps them in generating networks with unknown and unidentified people around the world. They start with chatting and gradually get attracted to each other, ending up with meeting/dating one another.


You should not have any problem with your daughter dating a guy until and unless he is a nice guy. But how would you know about his nature? How would you track about who is he? What if your daughter is dating a wrong guy and harm herself sexually, emotionally, physically, or socially? Here, all you need is the spy monitoring app – Spymaster Pro.

Brim yourself with how it functions! Following are the points which says how intelligently you can monitor your lovely teens by knowing with whom they are dating. Now, Be a Smart Parent! Monitor your Child Cleverly before the situation gets worse!

With the help of Spymaster Pro you can control your teen family members efficiently, both-Online and Offline!

Control Them Online

For hunting a dating partner, teenager always take the assistance of internet. Hence, the powerful spyware focus to control the following of them:

  • Chat Messengers conversation (such as WhatsApp,  iMessages,Facebook,etc.);
  • Call logs, Call summary, Phonebook details, Contact person details, etc.;
  • Text Messages – SMSs i.e. read, unread and deleted;
  • Email tracking – Mails that are read, unread, deleted or spam;
  • History of browsed sites URL;
  • To-do list scanner- meeting schedule and to-do task list;
  • Multimedia tracer- images, videos and audio files;

Control Them Offline

It is imperative for the parents who have a teenager daughter to know when and where she goes and also who is accompanying her. Aren’t they going in an unsafe or restricted area? The efficient spy software helps you in monitoring your teens offline as well, let’s check out how:

  • You can track their footmarks by seeing their current GPS Location;
  • You can know with whom they are currently talking to by listening to their phone surroundings, live!
  • You can record and listen to their phone conversations later;
  • You can spot if they’re going to an unsafe areas.

I believe from today you start monitoring your teens with the help of a mobile tracker as better be late than sorry. You have the complete right to know about the guy whom your little princess is dating with!

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