Instagram Message Recovery – How to recover deleted messages?

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As a social media user, you must be familiar with Instagram, an application that started as a mere photo-sharing platform and is now a fully-fledged social app. Instagram’s direct messages are quite popular among its users. Almost everyone who uses it relies on them to contact their loved ones or to engage with their followers.

Another feature about these messages is that you can delete them without the other user getting any notification about it. Thus, the receiver will never know that you deleted the messages like that in WhatsApp. Now, this social app is quite popular among people from all walks of life, the majority of them being kids and teens. While it can be all fun to look at, Instagram, like most other platforms, comes with its own sets of risks.

Further, when you decide to check on your loved ones by viewing their Instagram chat threads, you find that they have been deleted. If you are here, we are confident this might be the situation that you are facing. Also, Instagram message recovery is what must be on your mind. So, if you wish to spy on Instagram and recover deleted Instagram messages, we are here at your rescue.

The Need for Instagram Message Recovery

There can be numerous reasons that may make you want to view deleted Instagram messages. Some of them are:

  • You want to safeguard your kids from the dangers of the Instagram world.
  • Your kid or spouse is hiding something from you, and you want to find it out.
  • You are facing some troubles in your marriage or relationship, and you feel that your partner is deleting his/her Instagram messages to keep things from you.
  • You might feel that someone is harassing your loved ones online, and you need to look for a proof for that.
  • Maybe you operate your business from Instagram and have lost some important messages. So, you may be looking for Instagram message recovery options.

The reasons needed to recover Instagram’s direct messages are plenty. However, the real question is – How can you Spy on Instagram and carry out Instagram message recovery online? To know about it, read further.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

Recover deleted Instagram Messages on Android

If you are looking for Instagram message recovery techniques, doing so may be easier than you can imagine. Yes, you read that right. You can do so with the help of cell phone monitoring software. These are applications that you can install in the target phone to obtain all its data and information, along with its real-time activities, that too remotely.

Finding the Right Tool to View Deleted Instagram Messages

Now choosing the best cell phone monitoring software to spy on Instagram can be quite a task. With millions of them available online, how is one supposed to know which one is the best? After all, all of them offer almost similar claims. Further, there is no formula that you can use to purchase the best spy app.

However, there are some factors that you can keep in mind—these range from your monitoring needs and budget to the compatibility of the spy app with your device. If you are facing a similar dilemma, we present you with the most sought-after cellphone surveillance app – Spymaster Pro.

What is Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro is a high-tech spy app that has been in the spy market for years now. With this cell phone monitoring software, Instagram message recovery can be made at the snap of a finger. Be it a cheating spouse tracker, an employee monitoring software, or a parental control application, this spy app can perfectly function as all. Further, from basic attributes like SMS and call log tracking to the complex ones like social media and instant messaging tracking, you can do all with this single software.

Besides, Spymaster Pro is compatible with both Android as well as iOS operating systems. In fact, it also supports all the latest versions of Android 10 & iOS 13.1. What’s more, the application works in a secret mode. This means that it will stay hidden from the target user. He/she will have no idea that Spymaster Pro is installed on their phone, and you are using it to spy on them.

Furthermore, this application is available worldwide. Therefore, whether you live in the USA or some other country, you can buy this software. If you are wondering how to use Spymaster Pro, it is super simple to use. You need not be a technological expert to be able to operate it. Let’s take a look at how:

How to Use Spymaster Pro in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Purchase Spymaster Pro

For the first step, you need to click on the “Buy Now” button on the Spymaster Pro homepage. Then, choose your desired subscription, depending on the target phone’s operating system, and proceed to pay for it.

Step 2: Install it

The next step includes the installation of the software. If the target user’s phone is an Android phone, you will have to install the Spymaster Pro application to it with a simple five-minute installation process. The link for downloading the application will be sent to you via an email.

For the iPhone, on the other hand, you can use Spymaster Pro without jailbreak, as well as installation. Yes, you only have to use the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials to get started with this spy app.

Step 3: Instagram Message Recovery

The final step includes logging in to your device and viewing the deleted messages. If you are wondering where you can recover Instagram direct messages, you can do so on the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

Spymaster Pro Installation Process

Spymaster Pro Installation Guide


Instagram message recovery can be really crucial in some cases, especially when you need to catch a cheater or look after your kid’s safety online. Spymaster Pro can be the best solution to this. With this spy app, you can not only recover deleted Instagram messages but also do the same for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social apps. Also, location tracking, sensitive information alert, and call logs tracking are some other attributes that come packed with this cell phone monitoring software. What are you waiting for? Get Spymaster Pro now!

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