How To Read My Kid’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing? 100% FREE

July 9, 2014 | 9356 Views

Nowadays, children are crazy about Internet! Be it social networking, online gaming or web chatting, most of their day time is spent surfing online. Additionally, the trend of owning cell phones among kids, especially teenagers, has made them glued to their Smartphone screens all the time. Instead of studying and doing any physical activity like outdoor gaming, kids nowadays are more inclined towards emailing, browsing, texting and many more online activities, which are not good for their future and hamper their growth.

What’s going On Between Parents and Adolescents?

Parents find themselves helpless when their child demands for latest cell phone, as they say that all their friends own a phone so they want the same for themselves. At this point, it becomes a big matter of concern for parents, because allowing your child to use cell phone at such an immature age can lead to serious consequences.

Ok, for instance, you buy a phone for your child. But what if your child meets some online predator or receives a call from a stranger on their cell phone? Can’t that be a kidnapping strategy! There are several other dangerous acts like cyber bullying, sexing (sharing porn), which your child might be doing secretly using his cell phone.

What should A Parent do to save their Child?

kid using cell phone

Being a responsible parent, your first and foremost priority should be protection of your child, no matter what. To do this, first you need to know where exactly your child goes, when he is outside and who his friends are with whom he talks over phone.  However, it is impossible to keep a watch on your child personally all the time, as you have got your own work as well that includes office and home chores. Thankfully, child monitoring applications have enabled parents in tracking their adolescent’s cell phone anytime, anywhere!

Use A Cell Phone Monitoring App!

Yes! It is now possible to watch what exactly your kid does on his/her cell phone by installing a monitoring app. These apps are just identical to cell phone spy softwares that can fetch all the cell phone data from the target phone. So, if you have this question in mind- How can I read my kids text messages from my phone and that too without them knowing, then a cell phone spyware is the right pick for you!

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Well, there are plenty of spywares in the market that are both free and paid ones. Where free spy apps comes with a limited number of tracking features, the paid spy programs can give you full access to target cell phone information. These softwares can be installed on the cell phone to read text messages, emails, or more and specifically the following data:

  • Track Snapchat text
  • Monitor Instagram chat and media files
  • Web browsing history
  • Chat details of the installed messengers like Whatsapp
  • Listen and record voice calls, both incoming and outgoing
  • See all the images, videos, and audio files
  • Call log details for incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, including name, phone number
  • GPS tracking
  • SMS text, both sent/received and deleted ones

Some parents try to directly ask their kids about whom they are busy talking to over the phone, but no matter how hard you try, your teenager is never going to tell you the truth. This is because teens are immature and they think that parents will ban their fun activities if they speak out the reality.  So, it is always better to remain one step ahead i.e. you can use cell phone spy software to track your child, as it uncovers the reality at your end without letting your child know about it.

To purchase good spy software, research well and make a wise choice. Beware of the frauds and try to ensure spy features of the software beforehand. These days, there are several reliable softwares available for free of cost! Don’t go with it, as it’s just a waste of time, as what they commit won’t fulfill.

Instead, with the help of a reliable and purchased child monitoring software, you can save your child from being misguided by strangers.