How to know what your child is doing online?

July 13, 2016 | 5731 Views

In general,we may have some idea about where or with whom our children are going and what they are doing. But what about digital world? Cyber world is a place where children prefer to spend more time than playing outside with friends. Parents feel that their children are more safe now, because they are sitting at home. These parents are either ignoring their duties or are unaware of digital crimes. Nowadays, your children, even the younger ones, are enough smart to use the latest technologies in much better way than you do.


Today’s children are more familiar with cyber world than a real world. They are more involved with online websites, games and movies than with their family. Technology has full influence on them. Their friends exist online, their education is online and even their happiness lies online. Now, the problem is to figure out the set of rules that need to be enforced on your kids. Actually, there is not a particular standard that is to be followed to keep your child on the right track. Society has set a drinking and driving age but there is no age limit to explore online or to use mobile phone for texting. So, here comes a role of a responsible parent who is a higher authority at home, who can make rules and impose them on kids, when required.

Trust your child, but verify!!


There is a difference between spying and parental monitoring. You should not point your kids on the basis of your doubt or misconception. You should not even rely on their words, they are kids and they are not enough smart to protect them from outer world. Find out a positive, healthy and quick solution. Instead of using traditional spy, go for modern child monitoring. It would be better to keep regular check on your kids secretly. This way you can see everything what sort of content they open, what kind of websites they visit, with whom they chat and many more, without asking them directly. If you ask your children about their activities on internet or mobile, they won’t tell you immediately, instead they start ignoring your questions. The case might be they are enjoying it or they are in trouble. So, you need to be careful.

Who knows- your kids might be bullied online, involved in sexting or consuming drugs??

Use advanced technology to track every detail of your teen’s cell phone. Keep a close eye on their phone and internet usage.

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Start tracking their mobile phone


Almost all children possess their personal smartphones, these days, on which they have 24*7 internet access. They use it for facebook posts or for whatsapp chats or visiting various websites. Child monitoring app lets you check every detail of the target phone,used by your teen all the time. You have full power to see everything remotely, from your personal control panel with this software. Login to your account to check through all the activities, using different features of monitoring software. You can check:

  • Whatsapp chats
  • GPS location of your child at any point of time
  • Facebook messages
  • Call logs
  • Text messages
  • Phonebook contacts
  • Photos
  • Web history
  • All sent or received emails
  • Spy Instagram
  • Snapchat

Be your child’s internet guardian angel!!

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This software is available for both Android and iPhone. Either your child operates iPhone or Android, you can track both phones easily,quickly and safely.

Is it safe?

track text messages of kids
Yes, you are 100% safe. You need not to touch the target phone again and again. Just get the software and start monitoring your teen remotely anytime, from anywhere around the world. Target person has no idea that s/he is under secret observation. They keep on doing the things as they do regularly, the only difference is this that now you can also view them. So, get it now and start tracking your kids. Protect them from bloody world.