How to Check Someone’s Whatsapp Call History?

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WhatsApp has long been the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is still one of the top messaging apps in terms of users in this blog we will discuss how can we spy on WhatsApp with easy hack tricks. Parents may have a lot of worries about their children talking with people on WhatsApp all the time without them knowing, but it turns out that they can get a fresh insight into their kids’ behavior by watching them chat with someone from another app.

A person has to be very careful when he or she uses an app like WhatsApp for safety reasons. A lot of people use it for safe communication and generally to protect their privacy and identity. However, there are many risks associated with chatting on WhatsApp and parents should be careful about it too as this could endanger their children’s privacy and safety as well. Here we have compiled a list of ways that you can use to check the call history of others without touching his/her phone.

Why is tracking and monitoring WhatsApp so important?

Children are given smartphones at a young age in today’s world. A mobile phone or cell phone is owned by approximately 77 percent of children aged 12 to 17. No one would leave their children alone with a stranger, so why would they leave them alone online, contacting a large number of so-called friends (many of whom may be evil) or strangers? Ignoring this factor may lead to children making poor decisions and engaging in activities that are detrimental to their future.

To avoid all of this, use parental control WhatsApp spy software to hijack your child’s WhatsApp account and track conversations, text messages, calls, GPS position, and more.

How to track WhatsApp remotely?

Armed with the “Spymaster” spy app, you are able to gain access to WhatsApp chats, messages, and all kinds of information about your contacts. With this WhatsApp Tracking software, you can read everything that your friends write just by tapping on a few buttons. Spymaster Pro is a paid software that allows you to monitor WhatsApp constantly. It allows you to use your phone camera to record conversations remotely from wherever you are in the world. With this WhatsApp spy app, you can eavesdrop on your target’s voice and text messages, even when they are not using their mobile phones.

There’s no better monitoring solution Spymaster Pro!

Sign up. Install. Monitor.

Steps to use Spymaster Pro on an Android device

If you are an Android device user then here are the steps to how to Read Others WhatsApp Messages on Android.

Buy The Software

On the Spymaster Pro website, go to the Buy Now button or the Buy Now page. Please fill out the form below. Proceed to checkout after filling in all the essential information.

Download And Install The Software

Only the target phone that you wish to spy on should be downloaded and installed. It’ll only take 5 minutes. Please carefully follow the instructions that were supplied to you via email.

Start Monitoring Immediately!

Spymaster Pro Dashboard

Use the login information supplied to you through email to access your Spymaster Pro Control Panel. Begin keeping an eye on your loved ones. Remotely protect your family and business.

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Steps to use Spymaster Pro on iPhone

If you are an Android device user then here are the steps to how to Read Others WhatsApp Messages on iPhone.

Obtain your iCloud credentials

Collect the target device’s iCloud credentials with caution. Log in to your Spymaster Pro account and enter these credentials when prompted.

Make use of the options available

Select the features you wish to utilize to keep track of a certain person’s information. For instance, WhatsApp, Facebook, call logs, and so on.

Track all of your data from afar

Start remotely tracking the target iPhone without touching it. In your control panel, everything will be visible. Check anything, from anywhere, at any time.

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Additional Features of Spymaster Pro

features of Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro for WhatsApp isn’t just for listening in on calls. There are a number of other features included in the application:

  • View the history of sent, received, and deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • Check each contact’s WhatsApp status.
  • Every WhatsApp voice message should be listened to.
  • Every chat’s videos, images, GIFS, and documents are available to see.
  • You can easily take screenshots of the WhatsApp live screen.
  • In stealth mode, you can access all of the functions.
  • Compatible with Android devices as well as iPhones.


WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular as a communication medium. It makes it easy to be able to contact anyone at any time. Spymaster Pro is a  WhatsApp spy app that can enable users to track and monitor all the WhatsApp messages on their phones. Subscribe to this software and pay a small fee for the plethora of functions it provides.

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