Dodge Your Sender With The New WhatsApp Plus Tricks!

December 10, 2014 | 9986 Views

Till date, you cannot find any instant messaging app better than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp PLUS is the parallel and the best alternative to WhatsApp. Both the wonders of messaging apps- WhatsApp and that of the WhatsApp Plus have a slightest yet important difference between each other.

Although WhatsApp helps us enjoy our communication through its variant colorful features but WhatsApp Plus comes with some extra space. Hence it is even more vibrant than the latter. It makes the sharing connections yet more amazing and interesting. In this you can transform or adjust your profile as per your needs, say, you can customize the backgrounds, icons, themes, size of the profile pictures, colors and also the size of the font. Indeed, WhatsApp Plus gives you extra perks when you use it.

You get plenty of add-on features in WhatsApp Plus which you found  in any other messaging app, not even in WhatsApp.

Check with the following 3 significant aspects of the same…Read on…

Covering Your ‘Last Seen’ Update

One of the best features that WhatsApp Plus caters which infact WhatsApp couldn’t able to knob properly. Utter privacy is provided by the advanced version of the popular messaging app. You can literally freeze the status of your ‘last seen’. This lets you hold up the last time and date of the very moment. No matter how many times you have come online; it won’t be revealed!

Covering The Revealer Blue Ticks

Now with the updated version of the WhatsApp Messenger, it’s possible to know if your message is been duly read by your recipient or not! Presently blue ticks, which were earlier used to be double grey checks, informs the sender that his/her message has been seen. The possibility of telling lie has diminished and hence the potentiality of uninstalling the app has increased only because of blue tick fuss.

WhatsApp-read-receiptThe user who believes that they aren’t obligated to revert to all the messages at the very time they have received it, aren’t ready to face the impact of the same. Therefore, in this case, they are curious about going for the new version, WhatsApp Plus, as it serves you the capability of covering your blue tick, hence, dodge the particular sender.

Covering The Second Grey Check

The two grey ticks appear contrary to the sent message on WhatsApp. These ticks depict that the message has been delivered to the intended person’s inbox. It is only when the person reads your message the grey ticks turns into blue.

With WhatsApp Plus, it’s likely to conceal the second grey mark which signifies the delivered status of the message. When you enable this, it will allow you to project your sender, that his/her message(s) hasn’t been received to you. The sender’s gadget will show single check regardless of the fact, the message has been sent successfully or not! This will force the sender to believe that either you aren’t online or beyond the coverage area. This is yet another amazing way to take a narrow escape from reverting instantly.