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Safety Tips For Social Networking Issues !

Upasana | July 11, 2013 | no comments

How often have you found out your child is being cyber bullied ?? Never ?? Well how could you, because kids these days almost cease to add their parents on their social networking websites. You would never be able to find why your child is depressed or been avoiding you, or maybe asking for a … Continue reading “Safety Tips For Social Networking Issues !”

4 Ways an iPad Monitoring Application Which Help You to Keep Your Children Safe.

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Spymaster Pro is software which when installed in your iPad helps in secret surveillance of all the data interchange done through the tablet. It is immensely useful in keeping a constant check on the digital activities of your child. All you have to do to setup monitoring is setup the software in your child’s iPad … Continue reading “4 Ways an iPad Monitoring Application Which Help You to Keep Your Children Safe.”

Protect Your Children Through Spymaster Pro

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Nowadays your child is exposed to attack from so many malicious people over the internet. Illegal MMS or content and spam are extremely common. Your child may fall prey to sexting. Cyberbullying is also prevalent. Cybercriminals might get in touch with your children trapping them and asking them for dangerous favors. As a parent, your … Continue reading “Protect Your Children Through Spymaster Pro”

Smart Ways to Improve Company’s Performance

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Running business has not remained now a regular exercise. There is always scope for the innovative ideas & technology to be brought into use for running the businesses with more responsibility & accountability. Past has seen various eras where the things were run on the directions & guidelines of the supreme authorities of the companies. … Continue reading “Smart Ways to Improve Company’s Performance”

Cell Phone Tracking in US

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Keeping the rise in crime in U.S. the authorities are quite serious about taking corrective measures. The major chunk of crime done through the use of technology comes from cell phones. In the past, we have seen the U.S. govt. being sued in the instances of cell phone tracking. But with the passage of time … Continue reading “Cell Phone Tracking in US”

Cell Phone Tracker -Tracks GPS location of the Cell Phone

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Keeping in view the advancement imparted in the cell phones of the current decade are beyond imagination. The communication has got facilitated in such an easy way that one hardly feels the distance. In addition to the ease in communication, cell phone have got shaped in such a way that they compete with a portable … Continue reading “Cell Phone Tracker -Tracks GPS location of the Cell Phone”

Fake Free App Is Used By Cheaters to Ditch Others with Their Fake Whatsapp Location.

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It is commonly believed that unique applications have found their misuse a in addition to their specific usages. Whatsapp application too is not different from it. Its misuse has been done mainly identified in sharing or exchanging the information that is immoral or unethical nature. Such usage of the application has simply led to marital … Continue reading “Fake Free App Is Used By Cheaters to Ditch Others with Their Fake Whatsapp Location.”

How Spy Software can Help in Finding Whats Lacking in Relationships?

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Lives in today’s time have become so complex due to the scarcity of time. To cope up with such scenario people have become high-tech by opting for the gadgets which are of very high dimensions. Cell phones are one of such gadgets. They make use of them either for tor the purposes cited above. There … Continue reading “How Spy Software can Help in Finding Whats Lacking in Relationships?”