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Monitor and safeguard your child for just $6 per month

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Earlier parenting was not as tough as these days. It is very tricky for parents to keep their children on the right track. It is shocking but true that nowadays children are more vulnerable to negativities and easily get trapped in troubles like cyberbullying, watching irrelevant content, making fake profiles, kidnapping and many other sensitive … Continue reading “Monitor and safeguard your child for just $6 per month”

12 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

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Every relationship is based on trust especially a relationship between husband-wife. But when you come to know that your spouse is cheating on you, you can sit quite and many thoughts start developing in your mind. This feeling is obvious when the person you trust the most betrays you. Infidelity or cheating is never acceptable … Continue reading “12 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You”

How to Spy My Children’s WhatsApp Messages on Android

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Nowadays, the prime concern of most parents is why their children are always found indulged in their mobile screens all the time. Parents’ concern is quite obvious due to the changing behavior of the children and daily online scams, we see around. Now the problem is- “how to Spy Children’s Whatsapp Messages and cell phone … Continue reading “How to Spy My Children’s WhatsApp Messages on Android”

How can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?

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Cordial news for the parents who are really very anxious about their children. Now, it is very accessible for parents to look into their child’s cell phone, remotely. Parents can see what their kids are typing on their cell phones or what messages are shared among their friends. This has become possible with the help … Continue reading “How can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?”

Why GPS tracking feature is a parent favorite?

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All of us are aware of GPS features of smartphones. Global Positioning System(GPS) helps to direct us while driving. This GPS’ main task is to locate the position and these days, it is also embedded in various other software to perform a noticeable function. Particularly talking about cell phone monitoring software, it also possesses a … Continue reading “Why GPS tracking feature is a parent favorite?”

5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Internet Usage Without them Knowing

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Parenting is the most difficult job compared to others. Keeping a close watch on your kids every time is a big dilemma, but you cannot even ignore this duty. While some parents choose physical monitoring methods to keep an eye on their children, smart people adopt digital monitoring tools. Yes, it is possible to monitor … Continue reading “5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Internet Usage Without them Knowing”

The Digital Parent’s Guide to Setting a Cyber-Curfew

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INTERNET ADDICTION. Mostly perceived word by everybody, nowadays. Isn’t it? Internet addiction is not an issue associated with teens-only but also popular for adults and kids. We can’t blame only teens as we also spend most of our hours on internet, computers, cell phones, etc. Stay alert! This addiction may be a call for an … Continue reading “The Digital Parent’s Guide to Setting a Cyber-Curfew”

Check & Stop Cyber-Bullying Using Spymaster Pro

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Bullies are everywhere, and they can bully your child anywhere and by any means. The latest of which is via technology. This kind of tormenting, harassing, or threatening by the means of mobile phones, the internet, and other digital technologies, is known as Cyber-Bullying and has seen a frantic increase in the recent few years. … Continue reading “Check & Stop Cyber-Bullying Using Spymaster Pro”

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