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Why GPS tracking feature is a parent favorite?

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All of us are aware of GPS features of smartphones. Global Positioning System(GPS) helps to direct us while driving. This GPS’ main task is to locate the position and these days, it is also embedded in various other software to perform a noticeable function. Particularly talking about cell phone monitoring software, it also possesses a … Continue reading “Why GPS tracking feature is a parent favorite?”

5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Internet Usage Without them Knowing

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Parenting is the most difficult job compared to others. Keeping a close watch on your kids every time is a big dilemma, but you cannot even ignore this duty. While some parents choose physical monitoring methods to keep an eye on their children, smart people adopt digital monitoring tools. Yes, it is possible to monitor … Continue reading “5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Internet Usage Without them Knowing”

The Digital Parent’s Guide to Setting a Cyber-Curfew

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INTERNET ADDICTION. Mostly perceived word by everybody, nowadays. Isn’t it? Internet addiction is not an issue associated with teens-only but also popular for adults and kids. We can’t blame only teens as we also spend most of our hours on internet, computers, cell phones, etc. Stay alert! This addiction may be a call for an … Continue reading “The Digital Parent’s Guide to Setting a Cyber-Curfew”

Check & Stop Cyber-Bullying Using Spymaster Pro

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Bullies are everywhere, and they can bully your child anywhere and by any means. The latest of which is via technology. This kind of tormenting, harassing, or threatening by the means of mobile phones, the internet, and other digital technologies, is known as Cyber-Bullying and has seen a frantic increase in the recent few years. … Continue reading “Check & Stop Cyber-Bullying Using Spymaster Pro”

Spymaster Pro Has Introduced New Features- Geofencing and Keyword Filtering

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In the past few days, our support team has received a lot of queries appealing message filtering and Geofencing. These users want to hit some particular messages or want to set some limited zone for the target phone. To accomplish the demands of the customers, we have turn up with two advanced features Geofencing and … Continue reading “Spymaster Pro Has Introduced New Features- Geofencing and Keyword Filtering”

Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Involves Over 100 Students

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Canon city is the most populous place in Colorado, USA. Recently this small town is being rocked by a shocking news that the children, studying in the schools are involved into obscene activities like pornography. These children are engaged in the trading of production and supply of their pictures so as to collect baseball cards … Continue reading “Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Involves Over 100 Students”

How Can I See What My Child is Texting?

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Innocent Texting Nowadays, it’s very common to hear about children texting. These children are terribly getting affected due to the addition of regular texting. They get trapped in bullying at schools or on the internet and even some of them attempt suicide due to harmless texts exchange. Modern technology offers lots of facilities that allow … Continue reading “How Can I See What My Child is Texting?”

Mobile Spy App That Fulfills All Your Monitoring Needs

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The new spy apps are penetrating in the market day by day due to their increasing demand. There are lots of spy apps we all have heard about. But the right spy app is the one that cater you in the best way and meet your expectations. Of course, you are searching for it. I … Continue reading “Mobile Spy App That Fulfills All Your Monitoring Needs”

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