Alert Parents! Don’t Let Slenderman Ruin Your Child’s Life!

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This year another case of Slenderman stabbing case came into highlight and shook the world after they heard the story of two girls attempting to murder their friend. The girls first trapped the victim in the wood with an intention of playing hide & seek game and thereafter were arrested for trying to murder her. The whole episode was just to impress fictional monster often called as a Slenderman. They first heard about the monster on the internet and there onwards started believing that it has its existence. When things turned over their mind, they planned to sacrifice their friend in order to pay a mark of respect to the monster, just to prove their loyalty and sacrifice for it.

Want to know who is Slenderman?


Slenderman is depicted as a faceless man that looks dark and tall dressed in a black suit that was developed via a thread on a forum called as Something Awful Forums. This online character of hide and seek game stalks and traumatize kids to target them. It asked users of that forum to edit their photographs in order to look mystical and children were mostly victimized by it.

How to save your child from Slenderman?

Well, till now, you must have had a blurry view of what would have happened at that point of time and what were the consequences. So, to all caring and responsible parents, it’s very important to keep your child safe from this bitter world existing on the stormy internet that can sometime be cruel to your children. So, without taking much of your time, here’re some ways to help you protect your children:

1. Keep an Eye on Your Friend’s Circle: Many times, its people around you who may influence their interest, activities, and behavior upon you. So, as a parent, it’s solely your responsibility to keep a check on your child’s company i.e. with whom he/she hangout and talks to. The best way is to tell your child to invite their friends to home so that you can see what kind of company they are into and make your judgment.

2. Avoid Communication Gap with Your Child: It’s always important for you as a parent to maintain a line of communication with your children, as it will definitely help you understand their mind level. Also, give them space so that they feel comfortable in talking to you in near future and share their feelings with you. This will also help you get an idea if they are hiding something from you or not.

3. Monitor Online Activities of your Child via Spymaster Pro: Last but not the least, is to use tools available in the market to monitor your child’s online activities. One of them is a phone monitoring tool like Spymaster Pro with the help of which you can:

  • Monitor kid’s phone activities on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. and other phone activities such as browser history, call logs, phonebook details, multimedia files stored on phone, text messages, and more.
  • Also, the software is very easy to install and won’t need any botheration. Good part is that in case of iPhone, no installation is required.
  • Moreover, the software will remain completely hidden in your child’s phone and they won’t get to know that they are being monitored by you secretly.

Isn’t that the best way to safeguard your child safe? The online world is filled with dangers everywhere and Blue whale game and Slenderman are some of the examples to prove it. So, this is the reason that makes it crucial to keep your children’s day to day activities in notice. And what can be the better way than a phone monitoring tool as Spymaster Pro that will keep all your worries away and protect your child away from all potential dangers.

So, don’t just wait and buy this amazing phone monitoring app today!