5 Apps to Monitor Kids’ Internet Usage Without them Knowing

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Parenting is the most difficult job compared to others. Keeping a close watch on your kids every time is a big dilemma, but you cannot even ignore this duty. While some parents choose physical monitoring methods to keep an eye on their children, smart people adopt digital monitoring tools. Yes, it is possible to monitor every move of your kid on his/her cell phone secretly. These apps work for you as a secret online detective.

To keep your child safe from potential predators, you should definitely choose a smart parental monitoring tool. Here is a list of 5 WhatsApp spy apps of 2022 that can help you track your kids’ activities on the internet without them knowing.

Here it Goes:

Spymaster Pro:

Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is an excellent parental monitoring software with a strong reputation in the market. It has been assisting parents for a long and today it owns a long list of satisfied customers. This app provides you the right to know the truth about your kid. It works in a hidden manner and once it is installed in the target phone, it starts copying all the data of the target phone to your dashboard including all chats, messages, photos, GPS location, Instagram messages, tracking Snapchat, and many more. It is very easy to install and compatible with both android and iOS. The best part of this software is its minimal cost with extraordinary features. It is 100% genuine and safe to use without any concern of the target phone user.


mSpy logo

A comprehensive monitoring app mSpy tracks every activity on smartphones, computers, and tablets. The unique selling proposition of this app is its monitoring capability- it can monitor multiple target sources. Likewise Spymaster Pro is also available for iOS and Android, with additional windows OS as well. Check with whom your kids are chatting, how much time they spend on the internet and with whom, what sort of content they search, view their photos, etc. All the features of mSpy allow you to perform your task secretly without any knowledge of the target user.


flexispy logo

Another intelligent spy software in the market is FlexiSpy. Initially, it was developed keeping 2 factors in mind- dubious employees and doubtful spouses. But with the increasing demand for parent monitoring software, it also advanced itself with new features that allow parents to keep track of their kids when they are online. Similar to the above two software, it also caters to the parents with required features like- track Whatsapp messages of your kids without them knowing, Instagram Messages, Snapchat Messages, Facebook chats, sites visited, photos, GPS locations, messages, and many more.



TeenSafe is an app that is considered to be designed for parents. Jack of all trades, TeenSafe keeps track of the kids’ online activities including their social media involvement. This spy app safeguards kids and its compatibility is superb with both android and iOS devices.



Keeping in view the developing teens of high school this app was designed naming MamaBear. It permits parents to spy on smartphones and tablets of their children. With its responsible features for parents, it keeps track of all the online exercises of the teens including social media sites’ attempts. The attractive point for this software is that it grants parents to track the teen’s location as well as the speed of their vehicle while they are driving. It is perfectly suitable for both Android and iOS.

So, keeps your teen safe on iPhone or android phone by using any of the above spy software.

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