4th of July Special Discount: Monitor Your Child in a Better way

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The 4th of July, US Independence Day is about to come, just 2 days left. Hurry up !! Be a responsible national and above that a responsible parent. Spymaster Pro always tries to assist the parents by providing them with every minute information of their child when s/he is away. If you are a first time visitor, you might have a question- How is this possible? Let me explain you.

A Spymaster Pro is a modern days’ monitoring software that tracks the target person secretly. It tracks all the data of his/her phone in a hidden mode without letting the target person know that s/he is under observation. The person will keep on doing cellular activities as usual but you will be able to track everything remotely. On the occasion of Independence day, we are offering you double discount . Get the No.1 monitoring software at 25% + 20% discount. That means it will cost you just next to zero, so you need not to think much about your budget. If you have any doubt on your kid or you feel your teen has been trapped by a bad company, then buy this software and check the reality.child-monitoring-softwareAlso Read: Can I Spy on the Mobile Phone without touching it?

Spymaster Pro keeps on adding new features to itself as and when the demand arises in the market, just for the sake of the public. Get the world’s most reliable cell phone monitoring software to safeguard your child or spouse in a stealthy manner. Apart from this, you can also use this app to monitor your employees secretly. Our app and all its features are well tested by experts before being offered to the customers. The information that our software tracks are 100% relevant and genuine so you need not worry about its functioning. It works perfectly for both android and iPhone.


The three important things that every parent wants to monitor these days are:

  • Facebook monitoring: Monitor all the Facebook chats of your son or daughter secretly at the comfort of your home. Whether they are in college or roaming with their friends or studying in their room, you can access their phone information anytime to read Facebook chats.
  • Whatsapp Monitoring: To read all the WhatsApp chats of your teen, just login into your spymaster pro personal account and get to know with whom and what they are texting.

spy WhatsApp-Messenger

  • GPS Location Tracking: Parents always want to know where their kids are roaming, whether they are safe or not? GPS location tracker is a perfect option for them. They can see the exact location of their children through this feature.

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Apart from the above three, spy software also offers you many other features like- photo tracking, SMS tracking, Call log monitoring, Email tracking, access to Skype messages, web history and much more. All these features allow you to check the status of the target phone anytime on a single click. So, buy this software now and start tracking your target.