Ankush Verma | May 6, 2017 | no comments

Now, you can snoop on your unruly teen, follow the daily routine of your valentine, or supervise the true productivity of your employees without breaking your bank balance. Because, we, the Spymaster Pro offer you a never before “40% Flat Discount” on your subscription; we know how much you care about your loved ones. Don’t miss this golden, once in a lifetime opportunity to keep a vigilance your flirty mate. And, youngster, who is in a habit of skipping piano classes.


Spymaster Pro, a global leader in monitoring industry, works on two most popular platforms: Android and iOS.

Let’s Walk Through What We Offer-

We don’t believe in clipping down essential features to present a discount to our customers. We understand long-term client-business is the key to success, Spymaster Pro adhere to that.

1. Track instant Messages

Spymaster Pro present the full access to WhatsApp chats and facebook conversations.

2. Spy on Calls

Is your teen in communication with an antisocial element like child predators? Or, is your man having a flirty chit-chat with his secretary? Find the answer with Spymaster Pro that lets you see all the incoming and outgoing calls of the tracked phone. In addition, call time, duration, and the contact number of callers.

3. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking attribute of Spymaster Pro is of great help for parents, in the case of a crisis- when their child has not returned home from school. By logging onto your user dashboard you track your kid via GPS location details.

Setting up this app for Android target phone is an easy-peasy task, grab the phone to be followed, when your companion or kid is not around. 5 minutes is all it takes to install Spymaster Pro on any android handset. While, for iPhones, Apple ID credentials is all your need to get started with this no 1. cell phone monitoring software.

To sum up, opportunities in life pops-up by chance, and when it do come ensure that you are the first one to grab it with both hands- Flat 40% discount on Spymaster Pro.