11 exclusive things that you should do after rooting your android phone with Whatsapp monitoring feature.

Last updated on October 28, 2017 | 6051 Views

You must be aware of the term Android Rooting. But, do you know what exactly this mean? Rooting your android phone in actual term means removal or replacement of the operating system running on your device with the currently updated version of your existing operating system.

So, if you have started up with rooting process, it is important to know the steps that you must follow after the rooting is complete.

Checking of the Root:


After you have rooted your android phone, the very first thing that you should do is to check whether the rooting process has been done properly or not. For doing this, you can find a number of android applications in the Google Play Store, using which you can check your device’s rooting status.

Installing CMW:

Installing CMW

Installing CMW or the Clockwordsmod Recovery is the second most important thing that you should to after rooting your phone. It helps you in recovering the pre-installed stock recovery from your android phone. Also, it has a number of other features such as opening a zip folder from the phone, managing cache, taking backups and many others.

Flash Custom ROMs:


Maximum number of users roots their android device to customize its interface. Nothing can be better than to get an interactive interface in place of a monotonous one. This comes thus to be the third point to flash custom ROMs.

Installing Spy software:


The ultimate thing that you can do with your phone is to install Spy software for Android cell phone. This is an application through which you can track the calls, messages and other data of another smart phone where you secretly have to install the application also.

Playing HD games:

Play HD Games on Android

Also, the game freaks root their android device because they wish to play a number of high definition games. It does not matter which model or phone you are using. Just root your android device and you will be able to play heavy games that you were not able to do before.

Increasing the RAM:

Increase RAM

After you have rooted your android device, you can install application from the Google Play Store to help you increase the RAM of your device.

Increasing internal memory: Often, many of the smart phones have lesser internal memory that is consumed by only a few applications, thus leaving no space for others. After you have rooted your device, you will be able to increase your internal memory also.


Overclock Android CPU

It is a process that increases the clocking speed of the processor that ultimately improves the performance of the device. After you have rooted your phone, this is also a very important thing that you can do.

Installing themes:


Along with interface, you will give a new look to your phone. You can do it by installing new and high resolution themes on your device after rooting.

Installing different applications:


One of the main reasons why users root their phone is also that they are not able to install and use many applications in their previous system. So, after you have done all the above mentioned functions, now you can start trying to install a number of different applications.

Deleting Bloatware:

Removing Bloatware Android

Bloatwares are the unwanted applications that are pre-installed on your android device. If these are of no use to you, you cannot delete them until and unless you do not root your device.