Spymaster Pro Launches “Spymaster Pro Store”: Find Range of Spy Gadgets with Unique Smartness.

As we know Spymaster Pro is commonly identified as an entity offering products with reliability & human concern. After the huge success of its spy software i.e. Spymaster Pro ,it is again in web space with something new. This time it is with a store of spy gadgets known as “Spymaster Pro Store”.

Spymaster Store will offer the spy gadgets. These spy gadgets will be actually the products of common use but keep the mechanism for both recording of videos & audios with great clarity & precision. As one can understand that such spy gadgets are usually created for the purposes where one can’t take or use the direct tools meant to spy.
The special thing attached with the gadgets in place the store is that tracking mechanism is fitted into such goods which find enough usage in daily lives in the homes & offices as well.

It will be really interesting to shed some light on some of the interesting gadgets.
Starting with Mini Digital Clock Spy Camera .It will capture the motion video & safely store the same in micro SD card. Plug the USB cable in the digital clock having camera inside & the other end to PC of yours to see the clips recorded by it on video player of VLC or Windows.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera hardly leaves any doubt in the mind of anyone that any tracking mechanism can be fitted into it. But it while hanging on the roof will capture anything in the field view of 72°.In a single stretch of 10 hrs it can capture the videos to the storage limit of 16 GB with the facility to be upgraded to 32 GB.

On the same lines apart from capturing of the audio & video there are other smart products like Cell Phone Voice Changer that can offer you four types of voices. Thus you will sound differently from what you actually are. The size of the gadget is less than the size of headphone plugs with the battery life of 30hrs in a single stretch of the battery.

Talking about Pen Voice Recorder, it may prove to be a gadget to find enough usage. There is no need to conceal a pen that might be the case with other gadgets.
Other gadgets present in the store as promoted by Spymaster Pro too carry the same appeal & relevance. Once with such gadget, many mysteries you were not able to resolve will get unearthed very well.