Spymaster Pro is Better Now With New Features !!

Spymaster Pro fellows have been working hard to comply with new applications being added to Smartphones every now and then. The team of our best developers have been working continuously to meet the requirements of users, And this has made spymaster pro even more better. Spymaster Pro is more dynamic, flexible and extremely easy to interact with, the advancement hasn’t affected the software in any way that could make it less user friendly for our users. We have introduced advanced features in addition to the previous one’s in the Spymaster pro, pro version. The extension of these features make the working of Spymaster Pro more efficient, and one gets to monitor the various applications too.

Be an insider, and follow the target phone via

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Spying :-

Facebook messenger chat invigilating is made easy now with the Pro version, that lets you to trace all the facebook conversation, doesn’t matter if the target mobile phone user has lots of chatting partners. Whole of the conversation will be revealed to you as if you were a part of that chat in real. Even then, the target user won’t be able to detect anything.

  • Whatsapp Application Tracking :-

Whatsapp is a genius application to let the user contact, share and stay connected in individuality, but we are more genius because we have introduced Whatsapp tracking feature in the new Pro version. The new features will provide you with even the brief details of the Whatsapp chat including the time stamps, shared media like images audio and video. Even if the actual chat gets deleted from the target phone, and whatever conversation takes place in the user’s phone with whomsoever, you will be alerted for the same.

  • Viber Spying :-

We have made it possible to trace the viber applications various features as well. Call logs, sms’s, shared media, each and every single activity made on target user’s phone will be recorded and provided to you.


Not Enough features ??

We have more to offer, now you can benefit from the live calling features such as..

  • Call Listening :-

Assumption can no longer stay in your mind, because Spymaster Pro lets you hear the recorded conversations of the target user. The digital media provided to you is fully evident that no one can ever deny.

  • Surround Listening :-

The surround listening feature adds more to your list of evidence. It will record the conversations, stress more on the surrounding environment of your target user, so that you get to know what the mutual conversation between them is all about.

All these features + basic features can be obtained in the Pro version of Spymaster Pro priced at $84.99only !

Don’t forget to check out our latest video on the top right side of this page. We have explained it all for you to better understand the functionality of this software.