Safe to Use

Spymaster Pro offers you 100% Guaranteed Safety. The user, who is tracking his/her child or spouse or employees, never has to worry for his safety. You are always undetectable as this software never shows its icon or indication on the target mobile phone. So, the target user continues to do his/her activities as regular routine and you can view them remotely from your device anytime, from any part of the world, without touching their phone. Whether they are sitting next to you or they are roaming with their friends, you have full access to their cell phone activities like their Call details, Whatsapp chats, Facebook updates, Messages and everything. All these things are visible to you in your personal control panel whose login details are only with you. So, it is quite sure that target user can never find out that s/he is being monitored by someone secretly.

No icon will be shown in the target phone

This software is smartly designed by experts who made it invisible. It does its work in hidden mode that target user will never come to know about its existence in his/her phone.

Target user have no clue

Target person can never realize that someone is having a secret eye on them. Now, no need to peep into their phones or ask them anything.

Software works in hidden mode

This software silently copies every detail of the target phone and send it to your control panel. You can login anytime to your spymaster pro account and can see everything that has been done by your target on his/her phone.

Works remotely

This monitoring software works remotely that means you can track your target from anywhere around the world whether s/he on her business trip, or attending school or just sitting in the next room. Their cell phone activities are always visible to you in your account.

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