Snapchat spy

Spymaster Pro announced the launch of their new aspect with an updated version. This smartphone monitoring software accessible across all the major platforms like Android, iOS and BlackBerry is available with NO escalated cost.

Snapchat – The popular application amongst teenager offers to share images/pictures/selfies/videos which gets displayed for couple of minutes and then automatically destroys. The actions of this famous app can now be well tracked by the parents of the teens.
Children’s having an impression that the shared multimedia immediately gets deleted once viewed by the user encourages them to even share their semi nude and nude pictures with their Girl/Boy friends.

Hence with the inclusion of this feature, now the parents can smartly keep an eye and simultaneously refrain them from sending or sharing such obscene content.


Added Feature –

Snapchat – A long-requested feature by the parents of teens aid in tracking all the shared multimedia like pictures and videos along with the date and time stamp.

Existing Features –

Facebook – Monitor all the messages getting exchanged on the famous social networking site Facebook through Android, iOS and Blackberry Smartphones.

WhatsApp and Viber tracking – Flip through the viber actions like texting and multimedia sharing done by the target user.
This mobile monitoring spy app can capture all the phone actions of the marked person while staying on the incognito mode. SMS/Text messages tracking, accessing phonebook contacts, spying on browsed Internet websites, and real time location tracking through GPS tracker are already being catered by it which remains unchanged.

About Spymaster Pro
Spymaster Pro is an ace monitoring software provider across worldwide. The company is gradually augmenting and advancing its product for all its valuable customers.
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