Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing permits you to set a virtual barrier for the target device so that when a device surpasses that defined boundary, you receive a notification. You can fix 5 locations with 500 m zone, as 5 boundaries for the target phone.


  • Set five defined locations for the target phone
  • Allow the device to locate within 500 m zone around that location
  • Get notified when device crosses your permitted zone
  • Does not demand rooting
  • Safe to use
  • Used as protection cover(fencing)

Why This Feature ?

The feature enables you to monitor the target user’s movements. Helps track the whereabouts of your kids, making sure they don’t enter danger areas. Also helps on checking whether an employee is trespassing. This feature notifies you at once if the target device crosses the permitted zone; enabling you to take timely actions. It’s a protection cover to ensure safety and security.

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