Cyber Bullying Doesn’t Concern Parents Any More: Thanks to Spy Wares

We usually come across in newspapers, news portals other related sources regarding the use of today’s improved communication technology making easy to establish instant & responsive communication. Same technology enables kids to do the same thing & unfortunately to come across strangers also which in return create adverse circumstances for the kids as reported by concerned agencies.

Such things happen mainly due to the innocence of the children & they reach to the level of extreme bullying & face threats, lewd messages or other things deliberately by the strangers or even the friends or class mates.
But such incidents fortunately got reduced due to the active response of the agencies in curbing this menace with the adoption of spy software that had made parents too active & alert with every single activity that takes place on their kids’ phones as these software update the parents 24X7 with the doings of their children wherever they are.

Thanks to these spy software because we witnessed in past few months many such strangers got reported to the investigating agencies & sent to trail for their such crimes.
Interesting is to see what makes these spy software so capable of doing such grave tasks.

These software are programmed in such a way that they can be fitted into kind of cell phone like simple phone or smart phones like that of Blackberry, iPhones & Android ones. The users of the phone can hardly recognize such software working in their cell phones as the files of the software get hidden in smart ways.
Secondly even a less technical savvy person can easily download & install the same.

How It Actually Works
Once the software is installed like in a kid’s phones, a call from kid’s phone is made for few seconds to a phone which is to be used as monitor from keeping a check like a monitor on target phone’s use & thus we have automatic pairing of both the phones.

And now parent can find whom kid sends the messages & from whom also receives messages & what is the content of the message that also gets accessed.

Similar is the case with call i.e. to whom the calls have been made or from whom calls got received. Followed by this parents get access to the numbers saved in the call logs of the cell phone.

All these can be in the reach of the parents even if the kid has tried to delete all such detail or tempered with.
What makes these software more competent is the facility of listening the call in real time & even the sounds around the cell phone at the time of listening the calls through certain feature as given by these software like “Call Listening” & Environment Listening”. Even the exact & timely updated location of a kid can also be accessed through the GPS feature always present in these software which takes away the tension of any physical threat to their kids or kidnapping.

A Move towards Safety
Opting to use such software will prove to be a safeguard against the people with ill intentions & humanity will progress towards a strong & improved safety net that can be handling by parents themselves without any need of involving investigators